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Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Below, you will find a list of frequently asked questions, with answers. We welcome you to contact us if you need further assistance.

Q. I appealed my property values and won my appeal. Now what do I have to do to get my refund?

A. You will be contacted by mail by the Auditor’s office with instructions when we have completed calculating your refund. You will need to sign and return forms we send you and provide proof of your payments. All of this will be outlined in the instructions mailed to you.

Q. I don’t think my property values are correct, who do I contact?

A. Contact the county assessor for matters relating to the value of a property.

Q. I filed a new deed on my property; do I have to re-file my exemptions?

A. Since there are so many changes that can be made to a deed, it is impossible to address all scenarios here; a good rule of thumb is, if you make a deed change, re-file all exemptions.

Q. I have refinanced my mortgage; do I have to re-file my exemptions?

A. If you refinance your property, you must re-file your mortgage exemption. You may file in person, at our office.

Q. I want to change the mailing address for my tax bill; can I just call and tell you the new address?

A. Because of the importance of your tax records, we cannot accept verbal requests to make changes. We can accept a letter. We must have the proper forms on file to make address or other changes.

Q. If I do a “Name Change Affidavit” or a “Survivorship Affidavit” do I need to re-file my exemptions?

A. Name Change Affidavits are done for a variety reasons, it is always a good idea to re-file exemptions when changing a name. Survivorship Affidavits also require exemption filing.

Q. What are the deadlines for filing exemptions and what happens if I miss them?

A. With the exception of mobile homes, which is explained later, exemptions must be filed in the year the exemption is desired (example: file in 2008 for exemptions effective 2008 pay 2009). All exemptions have qualifications that must be met for the exemption to apply. Mobile home exemptions must be filed by March 31 and the mobile home must be owned by January 15. Missed filing deadlines will move your exemption back one year.

Q. What is a "Standard Deduction" and how do I apply?

A. The Standard deduction is a part of the Homestead deduction and is given automatically when you apply for the Homestead. The Standard deduction subtracts up to $45,000 from the value of your residential property and you are then taxed on the remaining amount. Properties valued at less than $90,000 receive half of their assessed value as the standard deduction.

Note: This deduction amount is subject to change. Please call the Auditor's office for the latest rate.





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